How many times have you left your house with the biggest plans for your night, only to end up at a boring bar with overpriced drinks and the same Katy Perry song playing on repeat? What if you could change all of that? What if by simply opening your phone you could tell which bars, clubs, or parties had the most people there, or the best drink specials, or the most singles? What if you could see pictures of the inside before you even get there? What if you could get the most out of your night, every night? Well, Sizzle turns those “what if’s” into “what the hell happened last night”. #BlameSizzle

SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3

Sizzle ranks on a five-flame scale the "hottest" bars, clubs, and parties in YOUR area via location-based services and real-time data tracking functions. By logging into the app with Facebook, data can be seamlessly integrated for a simplified and unique user experience. No manual check-in is required to create value for the other users, the entire process is done automatically for a simplistic user experience. Take a look at the screenshots below and see what Sizzle all has to offer.

  • Completely automated check-in process
  • Real-time data for the users, by the users
  • Info kept private with daily "erases"
  • Easy Facebook integration for use of all features

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Sizzle is designed to be your ultimate nightlife companion. Next time you're out, be sure to open Sizzle to find the "hottest" bars, clubs, and parties in your area. See the male-to-female ratio at each location, how packed the venue is, and even the number of singles there! ; ) Finally, get a closer look at each place and see things like: walking distance away, average drink prices, friends that may be at that location, and pictures that others are anonymously posting. Download Sizzle today and see what all the buzz is about!


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    Create & View Events

    Add you own party as a public or private event. If private, the address is hidden until an admin accepts that user in.

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    Live Photos of the Night

    Swipe through a public timeline of fellow students partying by viewing the all-campus snaps photo gallery.

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    See Others Going Out

    If going out, set your status and then see everyone else that is also going out - don't forget to set your relationship status.

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    Get Recognized

    Edit your profile to show a photo and brief bio. See mutual friends you may have with another user when viewing their profile.

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